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The following are the most frequently asked questions that come into the site.

Q. Where's Wally?
A. A number of readers think that they've missed something since Wally isn't in the strip or the character groupings. All they've missed is the "Where's Wally?" blog in the the blog section of this site. Check it out and then just sit back and wait for all to eventually be revealed when you least expect it.

Q. Why did you do the time jump?
A. I wanted the characters to be the age they would be if I had been aging them gracefully all along. However, since I didn't do that, the time jump became necessary. If you're still a bit confused as to who is who, go to the character groupings that front this site. When you place a cursor on a character, you'll get a brief description of who they are and a picture of what they looked like before the jump.

Q. Why do the characters look so old and fat?
A. Since graceful aging isn't my strong suit, I made them old enough so that they could grow into their new looks a bit. As for being fat, well Funky does run a pizzeria.

Q. Will we be seeing flashbacks of what happened to the characters in the intervening years that were skipped?
A. Yes. Eventually, over time, my intention is to touch on most of the back stories.

Q. What happened to Becky's arm?
A. She lost it in an automobile accident following her senior prom.

Q. Where can we find your strip on the web?
A. Your best source for Funky on the web is

Q. Am I planning to do a complete collection of the Funky strips?
A. Sorry, but no. While that might be an interesting thing to see happen, it's pretty much out of my hands.

Q. Will I be doing more book signings?
A. Yes, and when I do, it will be posted on the "Events" section on this site.